Introduction of Kairos Communication Service International

"Kairos"transliteration from the Greek, which means "the opportunity".
Early 1980s, facing the transition of the modernization of the mainland Chinese and Chinese all over the world,
a group caring servant of the kingdom of God and Christ Church that love the soul of Chinese, established the
non-denominational evangelical organizations "Kairos Communication Center" at United States and Norway in 1984.
"Kairos Communication Center" reorganized as "Kairos Communication Service International" in 1995.
"Kairos Communication Service International" clenched the opportunity provided by God,
explore the need of church development, shepherding, discipleship and missions to make multimedia Bible training materials.


Utilize communication media, focusing on the spiritual need of Chinese people, to provide the message of Jesus Christ salvation.


Utilize multimedia to provide Bible study materials for Chinese churchs and missionaries.

Statement of Faith

The ministry at "Kairos Communication Service International" is conducted in accordance with the Bible, and its foundation is built on God's Plan of Salvation completed by Jesus Christ; we believe in the Apostle's Creed held by believers throughout history, as well as the Lausanne Covenant establised at the Second International Congress of World Evangelization in 1974.

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